2001-2002 Season

August 18-September 2
A Midsummer Night’s Dream
by William Shakespeare.
Directed by Josh Engel. Produced by Michael Cooney and Tom Jones.
Our third annual Shakespeare on the Green, this is a fun-filled free show performed in three of Greenbelt’s parks, and as part of the city’s Labor Day Festival.
Saturday, August 18, 5pm: Schrom Hills Park
Saturday, August 25, 5pm: Buddy Attick Park
Sunday, August 26, 5pm: Springhill Lake Recreation Center
Sunday, September 2, 5pm: Greenbelt Arts Center during the Labor Day Festival at Roosevelt Center

September 21-29
Who Else Is There?
Inspired and Bad Stretch by Rose Ciccarelli
Hope Fell Orchard by Audrey Cefaly
Ghostwriters in Disguise by Mark Murray
Directed by Gretchen Jacobs. Four original one-acts ranging from drama to farce, all with a character (or two) who believes the world revolves around them. One woman falls for a self-centered actor, another’s attempt to make amends for her past is almost unbearable. Kevin believes he’s being helpful by insisting on cooking dinner. And the most selfish one of all: William Shakespeare passing off another’s work as his own.

October 26-November 17
A new play by Daniel Fenton.
Directed by Nic DaPrato. Produced by Ray Flynt.
A funny and poignant look at what three generations discover is important in their lives.  Fourteen-year-old Katy plots to keep her beloved grandmother’s possessions from being sold at an estate sale.  Her mother and aunt deal with their own issues over their mother’s death.

January 11-February 12
The Chalk Garden
by Enig Bagnold.
Directed by Sheilah Crossley-Cox.
Produced by Steve Cox.
A household full of characters as only the British can do it!  The head of the house is in search of a governess for her young granddaughter who likes setting fires.  She seems to have found the perfect person for the job, but Miss Madrigal has secrets of her own.  When Mrs. St. Maugham’s friend the judge arrives for lunch, will Miss Madrigal’s past ruin everything?

February 15-March 9
The Fifth Sun
by Nicholas A Patricca.
Directed by Virginia Zanner.
Produced by Elizabeth A. Otero and Beatriz Mayoral.
Four of the sons in the Mayan cosmos represent cultivation, rain, life, and death. The fifth sun is a man destined to save his people. Archbishop Romero of San Salvador was assassinated in 1980 while saying mass. The Fifth Sun is the story of the forces that transformed this ordinary man into the embodiment of the moral vision of his people.

February 16-18
Buried Treasure
An original musical featuring young actors and puppets by Chris Cherry.
Josh is as brave as a lion, Harriet is as wise as an owl, and Jessica is always as good as gold–or so they think, until an adventure far below the world we know helps them exchange their surface thinking for a deeper understanding of courage, wisdom, and goodness.

March 13-15
Cavegirl Productions’s premier play is a modern adaptation of Jean-Paul Sartre’s classic existentialist play No Exit, written by Kelley Slagle and Ernest Leo III, and directed by Kelley Slagle.
Hell is a vast and Byzantine bureaucracy. In its infernal logic it gives no notice or quarter to human perception. For every Stalin or Hitler we imagine tortured on bloodthirsty racks, the reality of Hell is in fact much simpler.

April 19-May 4
Taming of the Shrew
by William Shakespeare.
Directed by Norma R. Ozur
Shakespeare dropped a hint or two
Exactly how to tame a shrew.
Things aren’t always what they seem–
Could it all have been a dream?
Join us for some boisterous fun
In this lively three-week run!

May 10-May 12
Romeo and Juliet
by William Shakespeare.
Directed by Brett Estey and Jaki Demarest
A guest production from The Rude Mechanicals
What would you sacrifice for love? And what can be said about Romeo and Juliet that hasn’t been said in the last four hundred years? Plenty. The Rude Mechanicals make Romeo and Juliet burn brilliantly with the passions and frustrations of youth. “The Rude Mechanicals,” to quote the Washington Post’s Michael Toscano, “are neither. [They] have set a high standard for making the classics available to local audiences.”

June 1-2
Annual Youth Production
Young people ages 8-18 are featured on stage as cast and production crew in a work chosen by them.

June 7-29
Betty the Yeti
by Jon Klein.
Directed by Steve Cox.
Produced by Sheilah Crossley-Cox.
Hilarious and disquieting, this satirical fantasy simultaneously skewers and emphathizes with both loggers and environmentalists in the Pacific Northwest forests. An unemployed logger encounteres and begins a bizarre relationship with a female sasquatch, whom he affectionately names “Betty.”