Name Title Term
Julie Ann Hawk President 2024
Bob Kleinberg Vice President, Administration 2024
Wes Dennis Vice President, Programs 2025
Carol Shaw Treasurer 2025
Kate Magill Robinson Secretary 2025
Linda Thompson At-Large 2025
Swithin David At-Large 2025
Meg Nemeth At-Large 2024
Truc Le At-Large 2024

The Greenbelt Arts Center, a small black box theater, welcomes members to attend our board meetings. Those wishing to comment at a board meeting should be there by the start of the meeting. Meetings are held second Wednesday of a month at 7:30 PM at GAC (123 Centerway, Greenbelt, MD). To become a member of the Greenbelt Arts Center, click here.

To see the minutes of our monthly board meetings, click here. Greenbelt Arts Center members may contact the board secretary to request detailed reports.

*Interim position holders are appointed by the Board of Directors to finish a term for someone who has stepped down from their position