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GAC’s Old Time Radio Series 

Directed by Rikki Howie Lacewell

Greenbelt Arts Center is proud to present our series of new performances of radio dramas from the past.

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July 2022

Escape - A Diamond as Big as the Ritz

A young man from an affluent family in Hades, Mississippi invites his friend John to spend the summer with his family “out west,” and see the enormous chateau on a mountain that is actually one solid, flawless diamond.

Cast: DR Calhoun, David Colton, Jim Pasquale, Micah Saviet, Yousuf Shah

Directed by Rikki Howie Lacewell

May 2022

Silver Theater's "Murder Unlimited"

A reporter tries to track down a gang that specializes in wholesale murder
Cast: Megan Steinwedel, Jim Pasquale, Penny Martin, Imani Graham, Maurice Crittendon, and Jerry Gieta 
Directed by Rikki Howie Lacewell

April 2022

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: Murder Is a Merry-Go-Round Matter

Tragedy strikes the midway in this crime noir tale from the one and only Johnny Dollar, America’s “fabulous freelance insurance investigator”. The carnival has come to town, but fun and games are in short supply while thrills and chills abound for Johnny  as she investigates a series of accidents that have left carnival attendees wounded.

Featuring an all-female cast –  Kim Alexander, Maeve Ballantine, Wendy Drescher, Mel Gilpin, Penny Martin, and Megan Steinwedel

Directed by Rikki Lacewell

March 2022


On a cold, dismal, dreary night… in a death-row cell of a southern penitentiary…a young woman kneels beside her prison cot, weeping, speaking softly to the memory of her mother, and explaining that it all started when she first heard that evil voice within her head.

Featuring Amy Conley, Rob Glass, Katherine Gourianova, Emily C Letchworth, Hillary Leyendecker, and Pamela Northrup

Directed by Rikki Lacewell

February 2022


Star reporter Lowery and his pal and star photographer Clicker uncover corruption in a high profile trial. Judge Grayson claims to be tough on racketeers, but his behavior hints otherwise. Britt Reid isn’t sure about the trustworthiness of the judge, but as the Green Hornet he swings into action. A trap is set to take down the gangsters from the top down – and even the judge, if he is actually corrupt.

Featuring Sean Laraway, Bob Singer, Rob Glass, Brittney Horsely, BROPHY BROPHY, Emily Lechworth, Jo Rake, Megan Steinwedel, Nancy Linden, Tillmon Figgs, and Jack Downs

Direction and Sound by Rikki Howie

December 2021

Candy Matson: Jack Frost

Santa’s helper Jack Frost turns up missing, and, at the request of a friend, Candy gets Rembrandt to take the job.

Featuring Jim Adams, Carrie Brady, Stu Fischer, Sheree Hawkins, and Emily Letchworth

Directed by Pamela Northrup

Sound by Rikki Howie

Fibber McGee and Molly: Fibber Snoops for Presents in the Closet

Fibber is snooping in the ever full hall closet for presents and things tumble out of control.

Featuring Zack Ball, Wes Dennis, Tillmon Figgs, Mel Gilpin, Penny Martin, and Jo Rake

 Direction and Sound by Rikki Howie

Grand Central Station: A Miracle for Christmas

On Christmas eve a hospital is busy with calls and an unknown guest.

Featuring David Buckingham, Wes Dennis, Tom Fields, Jenny Moser-Jurling, and Kris Northrup

Direction and Sound by Rikki Howie

October 2021


Greenbelt’s Old Time Radio presents an adaptation of Orson Welles version of Bram Stoker’s great novel ‘Dracula’.

Featuring: Carrie Brady, Alan Brownstein, Carly Brownstein, Karen Fleming, Mel Gilpin, Rob Glass, Tom McGrath, Pamela Northrup, Peter Orvetti, and Shawn Perry

Director/Editing – Rikki Howie Lacewell

Stage Manager – Pamela Northrup

September 2021

Sterling Detective – Boston’s Lone Wolf Terror

Is it Johnny Dollar? The Green Hornet? Or maybe Mighty Mouse?….No, it’s a suave gentleman burglar having fun rather uniquely in Boston.

Featuring Dan MacMillan, Sarah Kezman, Tricia Pisarra, Jeff Poretsky, Jo Rake, and Nyah Clay

Directed by Rikki Howie Lacewell

August 2021

A Logic Named Joe

The electronic Logic sets are working well and then… Logics began doing everything for their users — and doing it too well.

Featuring: Mel Gilpin, Stu Fischer, Zoe Northrup, Dan Macmillan, Jackie Youm, Jeff Poretski, Patrick Pruitt, Jack B Levine, and Jill Vanderweit

Direction, Sound, and Editing by Rikki Howie Lacewell

JULY 2021

Agatha Christie’s The ABC Murders

Cast: Amanda Jones, Jackie Youm, Michael Wong, Carly Brownstein, Mel Gilpin, Alan Brownstein,  Pamela Northrup,  Paul Jordan, Felicity Misse-Ekwa, Miriam Lemus

Direction/Sound/Placards: Rikki Lacewell

The Black Museum: Four Small Bottles

Cast: Sarah Baczewski,  Allison Mollenkamp, Stu Fischer, Rob Glass, Steven Rosenthal, Sean Laraway, Rikki Howie, Jill Goodrich, Sandy Kozel, 

Direction/Sound/Placards: Rikki Lacewell

June 2021

The Green Hornet – The Ghost Who Talked Too Much

Streamed LIVE June 19

Cast: Wes Dennis, Matthew VanNostrand-Young, Rachel Brightbill, Pamela Northrup, Sean Laraway, Michael Wong, Rob Glass, Jennifer Thomas, Shamar Martin, Ken Littlefield, Penny Martin, and Allison Mollenkamp

Foley Arts and Sound Design: Kenneth L. Waters, Jr.

Costume and Hair Consultation: Shemika Renee

Directed by Rikki Howie Lacewell

May 2021

Columbia Workshop – Now Playing Tomorrow

Cast: Scott M Sanders, Aileen Kroll,  Alfredo Goyburu, Priyah Goff, Tillmon Figgs, Heidi Toll, Penny Martin, Hunka Alexandra, Olivia Nickel, Quenzel Goff, Mikki Barry

Direction/Sound/Placards: Rikki Lacewell

April 2021

The Black Ace – Skyward

Cast: Erin Klarner, Ezra Pitts, Bob Singer, Kris Northrup, Jack Downs, Dan Awkward, Dave Buckingham, Joseph Mariano, Pamela Northrup, Jim Adams

Director/Video Editing… Rikki Lacewell

March 2021

The Shadow – The Silent Avenger

Cast: Jill Goodrich, Josh Mooney, Erin Klarner, Stuart Fischer, Kris Northrup, Leslie Kekuewa, Lauren Tobiason, Jacklyn Todman, Cate Krage, Priyah Goff

Director/Video Editing: Rikki Lacewell

Mystery in the Air -The Mask of Medusa

Cast: Jeff Shaumeyer, Peter Colarco, Sarah Baczewski, Eleanor Colarco, Penny Martin, Rachel Brightbill, Mary Suib, Jacklyn Todman

Director/Video Editing: Rikki Lacewell

February 2021

Fibber McGee and Molly – Valentine Candy

Cast: Amy Kraft, Aria Renee Curameng, Nancy Linden, Stephen Foreman, Neil Twohig, Shamar Martin, Jim Adams, Jim Pasquale, Mark Granfors-Hunt

Director/Video Editing: Rikki Lacewell


Lights Out – The Locked Room Mystery

Cast: Jeff Poretsky, Scott Sanders, Jeff Shaumeyer, Joy Gerst, Melissa Broy Fortson, Jim Adams

Director/Video Editing: Rikki Lacewell

Five Minute Mystery – The Oversight Case

Cast: Suzette Agans, Andrea Trent, Sandra M. DeRocha, Lynwanda Coates, Jim Adams

Director/Video Editing: Rikki Lacewell

Columbia Workshop – Rossum’s Universal Robots

Cast: Mayumi Griffe, Bob Singer, Carey Bibb, Jean Fiumara, Evan Carrington, Lauren Tobiason, Colleen Robinson Miller, Jennifer Serra, Nikki Arbiter-Murphy, Lydia West, Lauren Lowell, Shamar Martin, Jim Adams

Director/Video Editing: Rikki Lacewell


The Burning Court

Cast: Sandy Irving, Kris Northrup, Carey Bibb, Maeve Ballantine, Jenna Jones, Laura Adams, Sarah Baczewski, Jim Adams

Director/Video Editing: Rikki Lacewell

Lights Out – Cat Wife

Cast:Nikki Arbiter, Mark Granfors-Hunt, Amy Kraft, Carey Bibb, Jenna Paradis, Kris Northrup, Shamar Martin, Jim Adams

Director/Video Editing: Rikki Lacewell

Five Minute Mysteries – My Pal Patsy

Cast: Jim Pasquale, Penny Martin, Roy Peterson, Shemar Martin, Sandy Irving, Jim Adams

Director/Video Editing: Rikki Lacewell

Five Minute Mysteries – Death Calls at Dinner

Cast: Maeve Ballantine, Shamar Martin, Roy Peterson, Amy Kraft, Penny Martin, Jim Adams

Director/Video Editing: Rikki Lacewell

December 2020

My Friend Irma
Cast: Lindsey June, Emily McGee, Penny Martin, Rowena Winkler, Kris Northrup, Erin Klarner, Ivan Davila, Amy Tucker, Shemika Renée
Director/Video Editing: Rikki Lacewell
Suspense – The Night Before Christmas

Cast: Jim Adams, Mara Rosenberg, Aurora Dennison, Penny Martin, Amy Tucker, Shemika Renée, Rowena Winkler, Kris Northrup, Erin Klarner, MarQuis Fair, Emily McGee

Director/Video Editing: Rikki Lacewell