Ms. Story's Living History

Written by Shemika Renée
Directed by Rikki Howie Lacewell

Welcome to Ms. Story’s Living History, a most unusual bookstore.

Once you enter, you will hear from our proprietor, Ms. Story herself. She will take you on a journey through history, letting you meet a variety of BIPOC women. Some of them you will recognize, some of them may be new to you. All of them will come to life in front of you to tell their stories.

Each weekend of performances is a different chapter, and in each chapter, you will meet a different combination of women, ranging from an enslaved woman brought to America from Africa to a playwright whose work is still being done today.

You may meet an entrepreneur or a pilot… an athlete or a soldier… an abolitionist or a seamstress… a politician or a gospel singer… an enslaved woman who tasted freedom in France or a mail carrier… an engineer of the Underground Railroad or a Union Spy. Every one of these women made a mark on our country, and changed the course of history.

And each of them may inspire you to do the same.

February 16- Mar 3, 2024

Content warning: “This show is about BIPOC women in American history. The subjects of enslavement and civil rights will be addressed in a compassionate manner suitable for all ages.”