2015-2016 Season

September 18-27
Forsaken Angels
by William Leary
A guest production from Wolf Pack Theatre Company

October 9 – 18
by Jay Presson Allen
directed by Gayle Negri

November 7-23
Any Given Monday
by Bruce Graham
directed by Ann Lowe-Barrett

December 5 – 20
Winnie the Pooh
by le Clanche du Rand
directed by Jon Gardner

January 22 – February 13
Zombie Prom
by John Dempsey and Dana P. Rowe
directed by Jeffery Lesniak

February 26 – March 20<
Bad Jews
by Josh Harmon
directed by Bob Kleinberg

April 8-30
Enchanted April
by Matthew Barber
directed Pauline Griller-Michell

May 20 – 29
written and directed by William Dean Leary
A guest production from Wolf Pack Theatre

June 17 – 26
The Hollow
by Agatha Christie
A Guest Production from Thunderous Productions

July 8 – 17
The Eaton Woman
A Guest Production from Seventh Street Playhouse

June 17 – 26
A Few Good Men
A Guest Production from Off The Quill

September 1 – 10
Henry V
by William Shakespeare
A guest production from The Rude Mechanicals