On October 18th at 5pm the GAC General Meeting will be held via Zoom.  We are strongly encouraging all members of the organization to participate.  


Please note the following: 
You must be an active member in GAC to participate and vote. To RSVP, please fill out the form at the following link – GAC 202 Membership Meeting You must register no later than 24 hours before the meeting (deadline 5pm October 17)


Please email all Motions and Nominations to Win Britt at president@greenbeltartscenter.org no later than 24 hours before the meeting (deadline 5pm October 17).  No substantive floor motions will be accepted during the Zoom call.


The Board’s proposed slate of officers is:
    • Win Britt (running again for President)
    • Bob Kleinberg (running again for Vice-President, Administration)
    • Rikki Howie (new candidate for At-Large)
    • Ronda Ansted (new candidate for At-Large)
Current Board Members with terms ending (but not seeking re-election):
    • Joe Wall
    • Trix Whitehall
All board members not mentioned above are still on their current term until 2021:
    • Pamela Northrup (Vice-President, Programs)
    • Jon Gardner (Treasurer)
    • Penny Martin (Secretary)
    • Ryan Willis (At-Large)
    • Mary Rogers (At-Large)
The Meeting Agenda will be:
0) Admin items relating to the Zoom Call (Anne Gardner)
1) Welcome/State of GAC (Win Britt)
2) State of GAC (Win Britt)
3) Programs Statement (Pamela Northrup)
4) Treasurer’s Statement (Jon Gardner)
5) Presentation of the Slate (Bob Kleinberg)
6) Short Statements by candidates (the Candidates)
7) E-Voting, Announcement of results
8) Recognition of Volunteers
9) Handling pre-submitted motions and business
10) Q&A with the new BOD


We look forward to seeing you!




Win Britt
Greenbelt Arts Center, President