GAC’s Old Time Radio Series 

Directed by Rikki Howie Lacewell

Greenbelt Arts Center is proud to present our monthly series of new performances of radio dramas from the past.

Coming January 25, 2020

My Pal Patsy – 5 Minute Mystery Play

Death Calls at Dinner – 5 Minute Mystery Play

Cat Wife – Lights Out

All performances are free. We are asking that you consider making a donation to help support our continuing efforts to provide theater to Greenbelt and the larger community; please click here and select “Support Online Shows.”

December 2020

My Friend Irma and The Night Before Christmas

Directed by – Rikki Howie

Irma- Lindsey June
Jane- Emily McGee
Announcer/O’Reilly/Hodges- Penny Martin
Professor Krop- Rowena Winkler
Al/Man’s Voice- Kris Northrup
Doctor/ Woman #3- Erin Klarner
Clyde/ Hawkins- Ivan Davila
Miss Wilkins/Brown- Amy Tucker
Woman #2/Santa- Shemika Renée

Directed by – Rikki Howie

Foley Artist- Jim Adams
Buffy- Mara Rosenberg
Kathy- Aurora Dennison
Announcer- Penny Martin
Reporter/Ruxt- Amy Tucker
Beggar- Shemika Renée
Mom- Rowena Winkler
Santa/Paul- Kris Northrup
Johnny/Anderson- Erin Klarner
Uncle/Dad- MarQuis Fair
Aunt/Police- Emily McGee