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May 9 - 31
Habeas Corpus
by Alan Bennett
directed by Pauline Griller-Mitchell

The antics at the Wicksteed home are a satirical merry-go-round. Family, friends, and the sexual satisfaction of the "corpus" (body) are the ruling passions in the farcical comedy of ill-manners. Through a dance of mistaken identities and carnal encounters, one motto holds fast: "We whose lust lasts, lasts longest."
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June 13 - 28
84 Charing Cross Road
by James Roose Evans
directed by Elise Berg
A guest production from Off The Quill

Helene Hanff, a struggling New York writer, finds more than the rare editions she seeks when she contacts Marks & Co., a small London bookshop. A graceful transatlantic dance of correspondence ensues, spanning four decades and abundant with literature, culture, and affection.
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July 4 - 13
by Agatha Christie
directed by Rick Starkweather
A guest production from Thunderous Productions

Karl Hendryk, a brilliant professor, attends to his wife Anya, an invalid suffering from a progressive disease. When Karl's cousin Lisa moves in to assist in caring for Anya, tensios rise and feelings are quick to develop....
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July 18 - 27
by Anthony E. Gallo
A guest production from Seventh Street Playhouse

Rome's aloof and scholarly Chief Rabbi Zolli receives asylum in the Vatican and converts to Roman Catholicism in 1944. A Nazi and a priest also convert to new religions. Why did these three men convert? Does forgiveness play a role? Why do they clash both before and after the conversions?
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All shows start at 8pm unless otherwise stated. For reservations or more information call 301-441-8770.
Greenbelt Arts Center, 123 Centerway, Greenbelt MD 20770
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