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January 22 - February 13
Zombie Prom
by John Dempsey and Dana P. Rowe
directed by Jeffery Lesniak
It's the atomic 1950's at Enrico Fermi High, where the law is laid down by a zany, tyrannical principal. Pretty senior Toffee has fallen for the class bad boy. Family pressure forces her to end the romance, and he charges off on his motorcycle to the nuclear waste dump. He returns glowing and determined to reclaim her heart. He still wants to graduate, but most of all he wants to take Toffee to the prom. The principal orders him to drop dead while a scandal reporter seizes on him as the freak du jour.
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February 19 - 28
God, the One-Man Show
Created and Performed by Rich Potter
In the beginning, God said "Let there be light," but first! ... join his Greatness, moments before the Big Bang! In this hilarious interactive comedy, Rich Potter asks the biggest question of all: if God was around before Creation, what was he doing? Counting the hairs in his beard? Twiddling his cosmic thumbs? Driving around in a golf cart, wishing there was something to do?
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March 4 - March 20
Bad Jews
by Josh Harmon
directed by Bob Kleinberg
The night after their grandfather's funeral, three cousins engage in a verbal (and sometimes physical) battle. In one corner is Daphna, a "Real Jew" who is volatile, self assured, and unbending. In the other is her equally stubborn cousin Liam, a secular and entitled yound man, who has his shiksa girlfriend, Melody, in tow. Stuck in the middle is Liam's brother Jonah, who tries to stay out of the fray. When Liam stakes claim to their grandfather's Chai necklace, a vicious and hilarious brawl over family, faith, and legacy ensues.
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April 8-30
Enchanted April
by Matthew Barber
directed Pauline Griller-Michell
Post WWI, two British housewives plan a trip to Italy that will prove life-changing.
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May 13 - 29
New Wrinkles
by Rita Abrams and Morris Bobrow
directed by Helen LaRose
A musical review that explores, with humor, the romantic and sex lives of mature people.

August 19 - September 4
Henry V
by William Shakespeare
A guest production from The Rude Mechanicals

All shows start at 8pm unless otherwise stated. For reservations or more information call 301-441-8770.
Greenbelt Arts Center, 123 Centerway, Greenbelt MD 20770
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